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Fish Monkey Introduces Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo in Popular Fishing Gloves

Fish Monkey Introduces Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo in Popular Fishing Gloves

New Product Release
Fish Monkey Introduces Mossy Oak Bottomland Camo in Popular Glove Styles


New for the 2024 spring and summer fishing seasons is some exciting news from Fish Monkey performance fishing gloves: Mossy Oak Bottomland. One of the most popular camouflage styles in the world, Fish Monkey is introducing the Mossy Oak Bottomland pattern in two best-selling glove styles—the Half Finger Guide Glove and the Stubby—as well as in the popular performance Face Guard.


Original Bottomland is the pattern that launched the Mossy Oak brand more than 35 years ago, when founder Toxey Haas wanted to find a way to get closer to those ultra-wary wild turkeys in Mississippi and Alabama. Drawing inspiration from the natural world around him, he developed one of the most natural-looking camouflage patterns in the world based on those long hours in the woods. Since those early years, Mossy Oak has not only become popular with hunters but with outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds, including anglers.


The Stubby glove has been a best-seller virtually since the day it was released, thanks to a shorter cut in the fingers and cuffs for increased comfort without sacrificing any features, which include UPF 50-plus sun protection, a second skin fit with quick-drying fabric and PVC Monkey Grip in the palms, which works as well when wet as it does dry. No wonder it quickly became a favorite of anglers around the world, especially bass fishermen who spend long hours in the sun chasing trophy largemouths. It’s now available in 12 colors and patterns including Mossy Oak Bottomland, and in sizes from Small to 2XL.


For those who want a slightly longer cuff and fingers, the Half Finger Guide Glove has the same great features of performance, sun protection, increased wet-or-dry grip and all-day “forget you’re wearing gloves” comfort. Both are extremely popular with anglers in both fresh and salt water. A good pair of fishing gloves will not only protect your hands from the ravaging effects of the sun, but also from those numerous nicks and cuts from hooks, fins, teeth, and even braided line that seem to just come with the territory when fishing hard on the water. It’s also available in 13 colors and patterns, including the new Mossy Oak Bottomland.


Fish Monkey also has the Mossy Oak Bottomland pattern available in a Face Guard. These are an awesome product, with UPF 50-plus sun protection for the sensitive skin on your face, neck, and ears. The ultra-lightweight fabric is moisture-wicking and quick-drying, and it has a special no-fog design to help keep your breath from fogging your sunglasses, all while eliminating the need to constantly reapply goopy sunscreens all day long. Your dermatologist will thank you.


Fish Monkey offers a premium selection of gloves, face guards, hats, socks and more, all of which are specifically designed for the passionate outdoor enthusiast—the highest-quality gear to meet the demands of your fishing and hunting customers. The company’s commitment to excellence ensures they create durable, reliable, and effective products that will ensure your customers are safer, more comfortable, and more focused during their outdoor pursuits. To experience the Fish Monkey difference that elevates the outdoor experience of your customers to new heights, click here.


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