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The Yeti Series - Comfortable anglers catch more fish

The Yeti Series - Comfortable anglers catch more fish

Destin, FL (October 31, 2019) – The sport of ice fishing has evolved at an exponential rate, most notably the advanced gear utilized by the modern hardwater angler. While it’s easy to behold the impressive expansion of sonar and underwater camera technology, anglers especially appreciate the tools that keep them warm in the elements and performing at the highest levels.

Applying equally impressive technology to hand protection, Fish Monkey now offers the most intelligently designed ice fishing gloves in the industry—the Yeti Premium Ice Fishing Glove (MSRP .95) and Mitten (MSRP .95). The angling apparel specialists at Fish Monkey have also gifted wintertime anglers with two new pieces of Yeti-series face protection.

The Yeti Fleece Balaclava (MSRP .95) offers full head and face fortification, particularly valuable in extreme cold or while rocketing across the ice in a snowmobile. The form-fitting Yeti Fleece Balaclava features wind-stopping construction and a 220-gram Tec Fleece material that wraps your face, neck, and head in warmth, even in extreme cold. Vented mouth and nose areas prevent fogging glasses, while the Balaclava’s tailored stretch fit provides all-day comfort. A flared bottom tucks neatly under your heavier outerwear.

For full face and neck reinforcement, the Yeti Fleece Face Guard (MSRP .95) boasts all the comfort and climate-control of the Balaclava in a more compact garment. Both the Yeti Fleece Face Guard and Balaclava have been engineered to conform to the contours of the anglers’ upper extremities, while wrapping the face, neck, and head in total warmth.

Those other critical extremities—hands and fingers—remain even more paramount to fishing success, thus the need for the ultimate ice fishing glove. “Fancy words and technology don’t mean a thing to anglers unless they equate to obvious advantages or more fish on the ice,” says tenured ice fishing guide, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “In designing the Yeti series, we’ve tapped into concepts like ergonomics, thermo-conductivity and selective permeability. So, what?”

Ergonomics: To conform to the natural hand movements of the angler, Fish Monkey imbued the Yeti ice fishing gloves with pre-curved fingers—a remarkably comfortable departure from traditional “straight finger” glove design. Brosdahl says the Yeti’s articulated fingers help him better grip and manipulate his fishing rod, as well as grasp his ice auger, snowmobile handles and other gear with confidence.

Thermo-Conductivity: From the inside-out, both the Yeti Premium Ice Fishing Glove and Mitten utilize a select Thermo-Conductive inner coating that transfers, absorbs and retains your body heat back into hands and fingers.

“This one element alone makes the Yeti the most advanced ‘extreme conditions’ ice fishing glove ever tailored,” says Brosdahl. “The lining itself is a high-grade fleece, but you’ll note the grey printed pattern on the fleece itself. This is actually a type of ceramic dust that absorbs heat from your hand. Think of it like a rock sitting beside a campfire. The ceramic material then transfers the heat throughout the glove and into your fingers, so your hand does not have to work as hard to stay warm. It’s an exclusive Fish Monkey glove technology first used very successfully in high-end outerwear, and ice anglers are going to love it.”

Selective Permeability: To beat back the most punishing winter elements, the Yeti glove and mitten employ advanced water- and wind-proof fabrics. The outer liner uses HIPORA 100-percent waterproof technology—essentially a three-layer membrane that prevents water from entering the glove while letting unwanted moisture out.

“A lot of gloves claim to be waterproof,” notes Brosdahl. “Only Fish Monkey’s Yeti prevents water from entering the outer layers of the glove. With most gloves, this water gets trapped between layers, freezes and renders the glove useless. The Yeti’s outer layer locks water out so even if you dip the glove into the water, you’ll still stay warm and dry while maintaining full articulation.

“This forward-thinking outer shell is one more reason the Yeti is the ultimate glove for the ice- and cold-weather angler.”

Standard features on all Yeti Gloves, 350g and 150g Thinsulate™ and Advanced Cotton Insulation are strategically positioned to the back of the hand and palm, respectively.

Next-level touches like a premium goat-leather palm deliver increased comfort and durability. The tough, pliable, slightly tacky palm augments your grip on fishing rods and auger-, ATV- and snowmobile handles. The material is also easy on fish.

Other ice-angler-centric goodies include a well-placed goggle squeegee for removing sunglass fog. A thumb nose wipe material performs another necessary cold-weather task. And a touchscreen-compatible fingertip lets you text, gloves-on. Adjustable wrist and cuff straps lock out the cold and make for easy-on, easy-off.

“I’ve worked with a lot of talented glove and ice apparel engineers over the years,” Bro admits. “It would be hard to image a company or people more knowledgeable or passionate about producing high-level fishing gloves than Fish Monkey. The Yeti series is going to make my job on the ice a whole lot more comfortable this winter.”

New for winter 2019-20, the Yeti Series hand- and face-protecting gear feature Fish Monkey’s “Cold Busting Technology,” wrapping your hands and face in total warmth, dryness and comfort, leaving you to take your winter fishing to the next level.

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