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Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, of MAX, MN, is one of the most recognized and respected anglers in North America. Bro, as he’s known, is a multispecies angler best known for his influence on the sport of ice fishing. Several popular ice fishing products are based on his ideas.

Guest host of “Midwest Outdoors” TV show

Guest on “Lindner’s Angling Edge” TV show

Guest on “In-Fisherman Television”

Guest on “North American Fisherman Television”

Guest on “Minnesota Bound” TV show

Guest on “Due North” TV show

Contributor to F + W Ice Fishing Annual, Field & Stream, FLW Outdoors, Game & Fish Publications, In-Fisherman Magazine, In-Fisherman’s Ice Guide, Midwest Outdoors Magazine, North American Fisherman Magazine, Outdoor News, Walleye Insider and many other publications and websites.

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