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Randall Tharp

Discover the Gloves Trusted by a Pro Fisherman


Randall Tharp, a seasoned professional in the world of fishing, brings his wealth of experience to Fish Monkey Gloves. With a career spanning over 14 years and numerous victories, Randall's expertise is matched only by his passion for the sport. His achievements include wins at prestigious tournaments like the FLW Tour and the Forrest Wood Cup, showcasing his exceptional skills and dedication. Randall's affiliation with top brands in the boating and fishing industry, such as Ark Fishing International and Bass Boat Technologies, reflects his commitment to excellence. Tune in to Major League Fishing broadcasts to catch Randall in action and explore the gloves that have earned his trust – exclusively from Fish Monkey.

Mastering Precision

Discover how Randall Tharp, a true fishing pro, relies on the Fish Monkey Half Finger Guide Glove to enhance his angling skills. Watch the video below to see how this glove helps him achieve precision in every cast

The Ultimate Glove Choice

Join Randall Tharp in his journey as he showcases the Fish Monkey Half Finger Guide Glove. Learn why this glove stands out as the ultimate choice for serious anglers. Dive into the video to explore its remarkable features

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