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Clearance Colors Conceal Balaclava

Hunting Clearance Savings
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color: Straw Camo

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Ultimate lightweight head and face concealment piece. The Hunt Monkey Conceal Balaclava features a feather-weight, breathable fabric with a “Glasses Fog Resistant” mouth pattern. The full head and face covering design offers excellent concealment along with the added deterrent from pesky insects invading your ears, nose and back of neck.

  • Feather-weight breathable fabric for all day comfort and head/face concealment.
  • Vented mouth eliminates fogging.
  • Superior construction and fit for No-Fidget Adjustment and No-Insect Penetration.
  • Flared bottom for unrestricted head movement.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee



When you're on the hunt, blending into your surroundings is crucial, and the Hunt Monkey Conceal Balaclava is your ultimate lightweight head and face concealment solution. This piece is not just about camouflaging; it's about comfort, protection, and staying undetected by both prey and pesky insects. 🌳🔍

🍂 New Colors for Fall 23: Introducing Mossy Oak Bottomland and Shadow Grass as part of our Fall 23 collection. These natural, earthy tones allow you to stay concealed in style while you pursue your outdoor passions. 🍁🍃

🧣 Feather-Light Comfort: Crafted from feather-weight breathable fabric, this balaclava ensures you remain comfortable all day long, no matter the season or the conditions. It's the perfect companion for those extended hunting sessions. 🌤️

😤 Fog-Free Advantage: Our unique vented mouth design eliminates fogging, ensuring you maintain a clear line of sight even during those cold mornings when your breath hangs in the air. Precision is key to your success. 🎯

🖐️ Designed for Stealth: The Hunt Monkey Conceal Balaclava offers superior construction and fit. Say goodbye to fidgeting or insects finding their way into sensitive areas. It's time to focus on your hunt, not distractions. 🦟🚫

🔄 Unrestricted Head Movement: Featuring a flared bottom, this balaclava allows unrestricted head movement. Whether you're tracking, aiming, or scouting, you have the flexibility you need to stay agile. 🦌

🤝 Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed: We're confident in the performance of this balaclava, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your trust and satisfaction are of utmost importance to us. 💯

🌲 Stay Hidden, Stay Silent: The Hunt Monkey Conceal Balaclava is not just about camouflage; it's about becoming one with your environment. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt, knowing you're concealed and comfortable. 🌿🏹

🦌 Elevate Your Hunting Experience: Don't let discomfort or the risk of being spotted hinder your hunt. Gear up with the Hunt Monkey Conceal Balaclava and face the wild with confidence, comfort, and unbeatable concealment. 🌄🔭

🌅 Join the Hunt Monkey Tribe: Thousands of satisfied hunters trust Hunt Monkey for their concealment needs. Join our tribe and experience the difference for yourself. 🏹🦆

🏞️ Seize Every Moment: Every hunting moment is precious. Don't let discomfort or distraction stand in your way. Get your Hunt Monkey Conceal Balaclava today and elevate your hunting game to a whole new level.

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