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Gear Up for Spring Turkey Season How to choose the right products to make your hunts even more productive and comfortable

Gear Up for Spring Turkey Season How to choose the right products to make your hunts even more productive and comfortable

Spring turkey season is right around the corner in most parts of the US, and this means two things: you’ll be on your feet for long hours, and you’ll also need quality protection and camouflage for your hands. You need to be completely comfortable in all aspects of the hunt. Here are a few things to look for to make your spring turkey season even more successful.

 While many states have fall turkey hunting seasons, hunting these birds is generally regarded as a spring activity—April or May brings on their breeding season, and make no mistake, turkeys are the king of the woods. This is the time of year when males—called toms—fill the forests with their unmistakably raucous gobbles, which serve to both attract hens and challenge rival toms for breeding rights. Becoming a successful turkey hunter requires a mastery of turkey language and also a solid understanding of stealth and camouflage.

 Let’s start with perhaps the most critical component of any hunt: your feet. While the weather might not be as frigid as those deep winter hunting conditions, depending on your location there still might be plenty of chill in the air but even more important, you need to stay comfortable for hours on end. The days usually begin with a hike into a blind, river bottomland, field edge or other hunting area; you may be sitting motionless for hours, calling for distant toms, or stealthily stalking birds as they gobble and move about calling to hens. Either way, your feet tend to perspire from the early activity, then become cold and clammy from a lack of continued activity and blood flow. Of primary consideration is a sock that will wick that moisture away from the skin. Cotton is a terrible choice for this, as it holds perspiration next to your feet. A much better bet is a Merino wool blend, such as that used in the Guide Series socks from Fish Monkey and Hunt Monkey. This is the premier line of lightweight, high-performance hunting and fishing socks that feature a Merino wool blend with ventilation panels. Aside from the moisture wicking capabilities, these socks also have arch and ankle compression and a cushioned footbed with a seamless toe to prevent chafing. These are perfect for use with light to medium hunting boots, providing warmth and comfort without weight. The Guide series is available in a Crew length as well as an Over the Calf design.


 Camouflaging your hands is also an important part of the equation for success with sharp-eyed gobblers who can sense when something isn’t quite right. In addition to staying hidden, you need to maintain a solid grip on your gear at all times and in any condition, wet or dry. Safety always comes first in the field, and that means your glove choice is critical. Among many others, here are some key factors to consider when picking a turkey glove.



Check out the Sneaky Pete for those mild conditions where concealment and dexterity are key factors, especially in warm-weather destinations like Florida and the Deep South. This half-finger glove has a second skin fit for precise control, with a synthetic leather palm for hand protection. There are four camo patterns available to match nearly any early-season environment: Hardwoods, Marsh, Straw and Moss.



Ridge Runner is another lightweight, form-fitting glove that’s designed specifically for bow and turkey hunters, with more hand protection thanks to its full-finger design and synthetic leather palms with silicone grip that works just as well when wet as it does dry. The four-way stretch fabric gives you outstanding control without limiting hand function for arrow releases or turkey calls. There’s a brushed interior for great warmth-to-weight ratio, too.



With its Tec Fleece construction, the Task Fleece glove is completely silent in the field. It’s a full-finger design with a touchscreen-compatible index finger and a tapered fit for complete dexterity in all hunting conditions. The fleece also makes this a warmer and more wind-resistant design as well.

 Don’t forget about face coverage, another key to success on any turkey hunt. The shine of a white face is a sure giveaway for sharp-eyed toms in the woods. The Hunt Monkey face guard and balaclava are unmatched in terms of performance and breathability, plus they’ll keep those pesky insects from invading your ears and neck—the “fidget factor” becomes much more manageable knowing you’re protected, and it’s easier to remain completely motionless when a big tom approaches unseen. Both styles are available in four camo patterns plus all black to help you remain concealed in any conditions.

No matter what you choose to pursue this spring in the field, Hunt Monkey will be there to make your days safer, more productive and even more enjoyable.
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Gear Up for Spring Turkey Season How to choose the right products to make your hunts even more productive and comfortable

Spring turkey season is right around the corner in most parts of the US, and this means two things: you’ll be on your...
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