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Fish monkey best gloves

Fish monkey best gloves

Recently, some of our best gloves were mentioned in different well-known fishing magazines or fishing sections such as Dakota Country Magazine, Outdoor Canada and Old Time Crier. Our gloves are recommended for the quality of materials as well as their complementary features.

Fish Monkey is recognized for the variety of gloves which are designed to keep the warmth of the hands as well as being comfortable to use while fishing. The primary objective is to give the user the mobility the hands need to perform. These characteristics were pointed out in the press along with a clear and detailed description of the models selected.

In the latest Dakota Country Magazine edition, Mort Bank stated that his priority, as regards gloves, is to keep his hands warm when he is jigging in the open. So the best solution for this problem was the new Tundra Ex Series Gloves because they are entirely waterproof.

What is more, in its Ice-Fishing Special 2019, Outdoor Canada magazine claimed that the promise of Tundra Ex model is “ wrapping your hands in warmth and comfort” due to Neoprene and fleece lining used to make them?

In the case of Old Time Crier, it was pointed out that Fish Monkey Pro 356 Guide model “enhance fishing performance and provide protection from outdoor elements” which is crucial for knot tying and sensitivity.

We are proud of the quality of our gloves and how they fulfill fishers expectations. During 2019 we will keep on working to please all and each of our clients while accompany them doing what they love the most: fishing!

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